A letter to the mummy me

Dear Kiara’s mummy,

Congratulations on becoming a mother. I would have liked to carry on writing you a sappy long letter but what you really need is a reality check.

Stop being psycho

Remember that time when Kiara was a newborn and you actually had a written record of how much milk she drank, when she drank and whether she pooped? And all those times you would sit down and ponder why she drank 5mL lesser than the previous feed? Well, that’s psycho. Completely unnecessary. Thank goodness you didn’t figure out a way to measure the volume of her urine.

Google is not always your best friend

Google is great, I agree – but not always right. The last time Kiara had a heat rash, you convinced yourself that she had chicken pox. There is a reason why people who study engineering don’t practice medicine. It’s about time you finally wrap your head around that concept.

Being a mum is not a licence to dress like a Hobo

Yes I understand that you are busy, but that is a poor excuse for being horribly dressed. Your wardrobe choice has to expand beyond loose, vomit stained shirts matched with faded leggings. Manage your time better, dress well. It will boost your confidence and make you happy. Happy mummy = Happy baby.

You are unfit and fast approaching unacceptable weight    

If whining burnt significant calories, you will have at least lost 10 kilos by now. Sadly for you, whining is not a form of exercise. So, either be disciplined about an exercise regime or be happy with your flabby self.

Your baby is an individual. Respect that.

It is well established that you worship google. But please, stop reading random articles on how a 7 month old should behave and pitching Kiara against it. She is a unique individual who deserves to grow up on her own terms.

Stop being such a taskmaster

I know you try your best to be organised and that is a good trait most of the times. Sometimes, just to maintain your sanity, let go of all that. Enjoy the moment with your daughter. Laugh with her, let her make a mess, play and grow with her.

Remember that before you were Kiara’s mum you were Snowlin

It is great that you take the role of being a mother seriously. It is also equally important to nurture yourself and grow as a person. Have more dimensions to you. The best gift you can give your daughter is an independent, strong and confident woman as her mother.

Lastly, you get A for effort

I know you try really hard. It’s good that you reflect. Act on those reflections and soon enough you’ll get there.

Lots of love,

Snowlin (your other half)


3 thoughts on “A letter to the mummy me

    • Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 I completely understand what you mean. My house looks like a war zone most of the time. We’ve just got to somehow put in the effort and try to look good whenever we get the time. I just find that it makes me feel heaps better.

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