Dad to Daughter : Five gifts



The day I found out I was having a baby girl; I hit the stores to look at all the pretty clothes I wanted to buy for Kiara. After a couple of stores, what I did notice was that most of the clothes for baby girls had wordings on them that were variations of ‘Daddy’s little girl’.I couldn’t help but wonder about the special role of a father in his daughter’s life. Reflecting on my own relationship with my father, I believe there are five great gifts a father can and should pass on to his little princess.

1. The gift of good standards
A close friend once told me ‘Keep your heels and standards high’. The question here is ‘How high is high?’ You, Mr.Daddy are the one who sets the benchmark. Being the first man in her life, you have the privilege and responsibility of shaping her notions on what she should expect out of a partner. Through your actions and the way you treat her mother, she will learn what to expect and accept in a man. So go on, set those standards as high as the highest stilettos.

2. The gift of confidence
You are your daughter’s superhero. She believes you can move, fix and save anything and everything. Do not ever destroy that confidence she has in you. Always be a pillar of strength to her and support her as she learns to stand on her own two feet. The trust she has in you will slowly reflect as confidence in her. Superhero dads lay the foundation for a woman’s confidence.

3. The gift of a better world
There is no point in being involved in your daughter’s life, if you don’t strive to make the world a better place for her to live in. For example, what sense does it make in teaching your daughter lessons on self-respect and dignity if moments later you turn around and pick up a playboy magazine? Abuse is not an incident but rather a culture, a culture of treating women as a piece of meat. Do not be a part of it.

4. The gift of love
The internet is plagued with articles claiming to give relationship advice; most of them with titles like ‘10 ways to have him wanting more’, ‘8 things he can’t resist’, ‘343587 ways to please him’. It is in your hands to teach her that she doesn’t have to dress in a particular manner or behave in a certain way to be loved or to deserve love. Love her the way she is. Give her your much needed affirmation, attention and you will never catch her reading ‘How to keep him interested’.

5. The gift of your presence
Most importantly, be present in her life. Cheer her on, wipe her tears, protect her and always cherish your little girl. Remember, she may find her prince but you will always be her king.




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