Hey, my name is Snowlin.

I am mommy to Kiara – an active, happy and beautiful girl born on the 7th of Nov 2013 and Aarav – a babbling, drooling, smiley baby boy born on the 7th of May 2018. Since starting this blog, I have gone from being a stay at home mother, to completing a post graduate qualification in elementary school education and starting a career as a teacher. Yes! from Chemical Engineer to full-time mum to teacher. What a journey it has been!

With every passing day I find myself making bloopers, learning and growing alongside my little ones. This blog is my open secret; a compilation of my thoughts, my views, my emotions and much more. We are currently very excited about our little mister and the happy chaos our family is.

Thank you for visiting my blog

Keep in touch via instagram @mumfessions

Feel free to say hi – snowlinelangovan@gmail.com


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