Hospitalisation is the new staycation

The month of July has been rather exciting for me with two hospital stints; one in Perth and one in Singapore. I could carry on writing a tragic but inspiring tale of a young mother in hospital, clinging on to life and sharing the enlightenment and revelations being sick brought her. Unfortunately, despite my prolonged staring at the ceiling and the sickening peach walls, the only discovery I made was that if you stared at an empty wall for long enough, you became cross-eyed.

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Toddlers guide for the holiday season

Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. Your toddler is going to sleep through the night, finish meals and will not throw tantrums. Everything is going to be perfect. While we mothers enjoy ourselves, it is only fair that toddlers get their fair share of fun too. Given that Kiara had a ball this Christmas holidays, she has very kindly agreed to share her tips for making the most out of the holiday season.

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I’ll ride with you

Acts of terror very often dominate the news these days and to be honest I’ve never really been one of those people who gave it much thought. Yes, I would feel sad but I would move on. Not this time. Is it because of what happened in Sydney was too close to home? Is it because a mother of three was one of the victims? Is it because I can finally feel the pain of the parents grieving their innocent children’s death in Peshawar? I don’t know. What I also have very minimal knowledge about is the history of the rise of all these issues. Islamic fundamentalism or whatever. In fact, I don’t care much for it. I’ll tell you why.

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I’ve turned ONE!

I used to live in this imaginary world, where I, a very well dressed and slim mother held a little girl in my arms and walked through a park teaching her the ways of the world. In reality, about a year back, a little human weighing 2.5 kilos came into my life and shared her wisdom with me. Yes! I’ve reached my milestone. I am ONE. One year of successful (sort of) parenting.

I shall not waste time. Here are the mysteries of the diaper world unravelled.

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What do you do all day?

For almost 10 months now, I’ve been a ‘Stay home mum’. This honorary title apparently depicts an image of a lady stretched out in a hammock sipping cocktails all day as her baby plays nearby. The slow paced, leisurely nature of this role as a mother prompts innocent bystanders to accost you with their famous question;

What do you do all day?

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