Branding my baby

Seven months pregnant, I looked at all the strollers displayed before me. There were ones for two hundred bucks and there were ones for two thousand dollars. I only had eyes for the Maclaren Mini cooper that cost SGD 1400. Why? I don’t know, because it was mini cooper and obviously my baby, my precious baby NEEDED a mini cooper stroller. Fortunately, my husband didn’t agree and I walked out of the store with dramatic dialogues ranging from ‘You don’t love our baby’ to ‘You NEVER buy me anything I want’.

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Dad to Daughter : Five gifts



The day I found out I was having a baby girl; I hit the stores to look at all the pretty clothes I wanted to buy for Kiara. After a couple of stores, what I did notice was that most of the clothes for baby girls had wordings on them that were variations of ‘Daddy’s little girl’.I couldn’t help but wonder about the special role of a father in his daughter’s life. Reflecting on my own relationship with my father, I believe there are five great gifts a father can and should pass on to his little princess.

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FAQs to a new mother

Disclaimer: I might just come across as a LITTLE bit of a psycho mum. You’ve been warned.

This time last year, my pregnancy was starting to show. While my family, friends and I excitedly tracked the progress of my growing belly, there was also a growing list of weird questions I got from everyone. Though most of them probably meant well, their questions nevertheless left me rather baffled.

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