FAQs to a new mother

Disclaimer: I might just come across as a LITTLE bit of a psycho mum. You’ve been warned.

This time last year, my pregnancy was starting to show. While my family, friends and I excitedly tracked the progress of my growing belly, there was also a growing list of weird questions I got from everyone. Though most of them probably meant well, their questions nevertheless left me rather baffled.

How do you feel being pregnant at such a young age?

I’m not sure how I feel about this question. I never realised that it isn’t socially acceptable to be pregnant at 25. I mean, it’s not like I was a 15 year old with a drug addict boyfriend! And do I really have to wait till like 2 years before menopause before thinking of a kid?

Are you EVER going back to work?

Honestly I don’t know and I don’t understand why I’m expected to have my career plan sorted out like 2 days after giving birth. I know magazine covers always show a size zero CEO with a millionaire husband and 5 kids. In reality, most of us don’t have 3 nannies and 12 helpers at our disposal. So please cut us some slack. Raising kids is an important job too you know!

Isn’t it so mind numbing to stay at home all day just with a baby?

Well, firstly let’s get this clear. It’s MY baby and I actually love her to bits! And believe it or not, I run around all day. So that leaves very little time for me to sit down and evaluate the state of my mental health and whether or not it’s inching towards numbness. What I do sure feel is an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness as I peer over the cot and look at my sleeping baby.

When is No.2 coming along? 

No.2 will come along when my delusion that I can totally handle 2 kids single-handedly meets my ‘I want 5 of Kiara’ moments. I am hoping this does not occur for the next couple of years.

OMG isn’t this too much of responsibility?

Dear 20-smth year old still stuck in 5 year old self, growing up is about taking up some sort of responsibility. Why does our generation have some sort of phobia towards these two words: Commitment and Responsibility? Babies don’t demand to go to Harvard when they are a year old. So yeah, it’s fine. Really.

Do you think you will be the same again?

What is that even supposed to mean? I AM THE SAME. Pregnancy and motherhood, contrary to popular belief is not a terminal illness.

Isn’t being pregnant so fun? You can eat all you want!

Sure, I mean it’s fantastic that we eat everything we want, puke it all out 5 minutes later and still manage to gain weight. It’s absolutely an ideal situation.

Don’t you wish you travelled a bit more before you had a baby?

You mean they don’t allow babies on airplanes anymore?


Lastly, the classic male question


Giving birth isn’t that painful, is it?

Not at all! It’s just a tingling sensation of your reproductive organs getting ripped apart from the insides. Very manageable.


This concludes my psycho rant.

Coming soon: The diaper bag that will change your mummy world


2 thoughts on “FAQs to a new mother

  1. Hi Snowlin,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and i am happy that you are finding time to put your thoughts down amidst your busy schedule.
    Every new mum has to face one or more of these questions. There seems to be no escape from it, every single conversation for that matter, doesn’t end without answering a couple of these questions.
    Looking forward to reading the next one!

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